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So its been two months, and well into the early stages of my new relationship and its been the most wonderful. “S” is thoughtful, sweet, and respectful among other things that would take a long time for me to write about, but I only got 4 minutes so I will just leave this song I heart with yall to ponder…

Tyler Perry “Ain’t nothing like a good man” (from meet the browns play)


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Ok so this seems to be the topic of the week in blogsville so I wanted to be first (or 100th) to create the “I think he is gay list” Again. They are talking about it over at vsb’s place, and Ms Karrie B mentioned it on a post of hers as well and so did Single Black male a few months ago. So I know everybody has they list of whats deemed to be gay signs so please add to my list if you will…

1. Ordering fruity drinks – (got this from kb and she is so right)

2. You have a man bag

3. You shower with a loofah. im sorry but what happen to good old fashion wash cloths n soap?

4. You have a toiletries bag for when you spend the night at a females house

5. You know way to much about charles pugh the gay news anchor

6. You know way to much about whats fashionable

7. You tell women that THEY should call more *blank stare*

8. You hang out with your boys more than your girl

9. Gets manicures and pedicures (please don’t argue with me on this)

10. Talks about gay people and how they suck

11. Thinks giving head to a woman is gross

12. Likes it from the back WAY to much

13. The inside of your crib is flyer than mine and it wasn’t a woman that decorated it was you.

14. You know what splendiferous means because of this guy

15. You have more pink in your closet than me, and I LOVES ME SOME PINK

Ok so my list is only based on what I have seen and heard and I know there is more stories out there so let us hear!! Us single ladies need to know what to look for so don’t hold us up!!

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So its been a fun long weekend, And pictures won’t be up for a couple days but I thought I would share a funny story that happened yesterday. It kinda ties in to comebacks list of where to meet guys, and this story just happened to happen yesterday so im adding fast food places to the list.

I almost never get hollered at but the minute I get all boo’d up its all fireworks!!

I was at wendys yesterday (decided to go in due to the long drive thru line) and a guy walks in behind me, kinda cute tall coco type brotha. He saw me eye him when he came in (sorry boo i gotta look). Anyways he strikes up a covo with the window washer guy, telling him he wasn’t doing it right, then looks at me and says “see you gotta do it right, I know because I used to wash windows” im thinkin ok what do you do NOW? lol. anyways so we laughin n all when I get my order (mind u i look a hawt mess) I walked over to the condiments and as Im walking away he says “bye cutie” caught me off guard I spilled my whole drink over the counter!! this foo gone say “I tend to have that affect on woman” and im laughin, as he walks over me and explains to me how in trouble im gonna be since the cleaning girl just cleaned that whole area!! so im lookin at him like oh crap, he was like so listen I will take the blame if you give me your number and i was like ok couldn’t help myself because I knew the girl was gonna be upset.

So she comes out and sees the mess and was like “oh my God who???” he puts on the ACTING face and starts apologizing a bunch of times to her, she goes back in the back with her head down, then the manager came out to see and she is in shock as well”oh wow she is back there cryin cuz i just made her clean this” (not seriously)  We laughin tryin not to be so obvious because its funny but its not. So she comes back out with the mop in hand and gives him the grimace look like she wanna kill him, it was classic. So we finally leave after they got me another pop, and told him thank you because I woulda been embarrassed to tell her I did that….

He goes on to explain how me spilling my pop worked to his advantage and I really couldn’t agree more. If I wasn’t all boo’ed up that would be a perfect “how mommy met daddy” story. It was just to cute.

Anyways I have been feeling some kinda way about my city (meaning Detroit) the people are so great and positive and nice. I keep wondering if I am seeing things in a new light because I am no longer single, or if its always been this way and I just was to mad to notice, maybe its the black president?? I have no clue but what ever it is I am loving it !!!

This story is right up there with this one that Mr Slish remade for me. Funny stuff!!

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So as you all know I was with my new “beau” over the weekend right? He spent the night at my house and for once In my life NOTHING happen. I mean nada, zilch, zipo and what ever other language you can say nothing in!

While I was actually pretty excited that we didn’t do anything, my brain started churning and wondering what was down there.

I was talking to a good friend of mine and the question was brought to my attention abou the size. I am big on presentation and I have only been let down once in my life due to a size issue, which I could not pursue the matter  if you get my drift hint hint.

To me size is important, I have never been one for super big dycks but they admitting are nice to look at and I would like to not have to use my glasses to do so ya know? However if I HAD to make do (which please Jesus dont make me) I would prefer that the s*x be good. I mean I can take one over the other simply because size doesn’t always mean he knows what he is doing. The most important part in all this tho, is how it relates to our growing relationship. I been known to dump men for wack s*x but that was mainly because 10 times outta 10 I had nothing invested in our relationship aka since my ex my life has consisted of jump offs. Which basically meant if the s*x was wack I didn’t have a reason to continue with the guy in question.

But its different when you actually wait to do it because during the waiting period you are developing feelings. I honestly believe that s*x is way more mental than physical most of the time. If two people have created a connection before ever making it to the bedroom the connection in the bedroom should be stronger right?? Well I dunno I aint neva waited that long to do it lol. What I do know is that my new boyfriend already has a special place in my heart and if the s*x wasn’t good or sub par I will be willing to work on it. But please Jesus don’t let this be the case for the sake of man kind.

So what do you guys think? would you dump a guy for having a small winky woo? or bad s*x?? or does waiting make it worth sticking it out and cultivating the s*xual aspect of the relationship good or bad.

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So the weekend is finally over and my boo was here! He let me borrow his usb cord to download these pictures for you guys. Apparently the one I have is broken as well as one of my actual ports on the laptop time for an upgrade? maybe, but you know my cheap behind will ride this sucker until the keys fall off!! anyways the pictures at the bottom are from last weekend but I thought Id share anyways.

A lot has happened in the last couple of weeks. When the month of October started I was so sincere in multi tasking my a*z and all was well with the world. I had Banana Republic, “C” and “S” holding down the roster something fierce. Then one thing after another started to happen. I found myself telling BR that It was basically time for me to let go. After all it had been 4 years of no progression, while the s!x was great It was time to realize that I deserved more than what he was giving me which was nothing. It was hard giving that comfort up but I did it.

Funny thing Is that I didn’t realize was that when I truly came to terms with letting go, I was actually allowing room for something better and I had no clue.

Then there was “C”. He actually started out pretty ok, though things were ok I realized I was partially forcing the chemistry between us due to his “connection with God”. We all say we want a Godly man but when God sends him half of us aren’t ready. Now I’m not saying “C” was or wasn’t Godly, he was in church 99.9% of the time lol. But still something wasn’t really right, just because a person says he is a man of God doesn’t mean thats your right of way to be with that person. So anyways over the next few weeks “C” started to show himself unapproved, not saying he was doing anything bad, he treated me nice and did all the right things so to speak but the connection was just not there. He was kinda judgmental, need I say more??

Then there was “S”, he has actually been around for atleast a year now but we had never met face to face. We shared online conversations, text, and phone convo’s here and there. Most of our convo’s had nothing to do with nothing, we just shared our day to day and kept it moving, it was a friendship via the net and nothing more.   So months went by and we continued to converse until one day he asked me out. Our first date was rather uneventful actually, seeing him for the first time however kinda shocked me because he looked better than I pictured him to be. So we had dinner, and chatted like everything was cool. After dinner we called it a night and kept it moving. Neither of us made mention of any likes or dislikes and things remained the same for a good while. Then one night he called me over to have dinner with him and we bonded a little bit more. I hadn’t really thought of dating “S” seriously at all, we just kinda “hung out”. But it was 2 weekends ago when I realized it might be more. We had went to the movies that night and thats when I realized I really liked him.

“S” has been nothing more to me than a sweetheart he listens, calls, and is very open about his feelings.  Its great to be with someone who doesn’t have a problem letting you know how he feels and he has been very good at letting me know he likes me a lot and backs it up as well. He has been very chivalrous (flowers at top he brought) and sweet. He even opens doors! I couldn’t ask for anything better.

The plan is to take things slow and let our relationship develop, we have decided to date exclusively which I wouldn’t have seen coming but I embrace it 100% because I like him that much. Its gonna be interesting to have the “boyfriend” you hear people always saying labels don’t mean a thing but they do TRUST they do. The other thing I forgot to mention is that “S” is 2 years younger than me, which makes me wonder if his age has anything to do with his level of commitment and easiness. It kinda feels like he hasn’t been subjected to all the drama that comes with aging he is just cool, as if his heart aint neva been broken. It will be interesting and you all will be here to watch as this new relationship comes together. Trust I have more to talk about so stay tuned!!! One being that we haven’t had s*x yet…. dun dun dun….

*Blank stare*







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Its About Time!!

Yippy!! is about all I have to describe my joy and excitement about what news I have, not only do we have a black president but your girl (As in me) is soon to be off the market ie no longer single aka I got a boo!! While its not official I can pretty much call this one to be a winner before all counts have been received lol. Its actually pretty weird that its happening because I honestly didn’t see it coming like this, people always say it happens when you least expect it and while I have always thought that to be a bunch of crock and continued to pursue the opposite sex, it did actually catch me off guard non the less.

There will be more to come on this said new development but right now I feel the need to bask in my excitement and sincere happiness. I have always told myself I would never be that girl that “Forces” a relationship and I have been true to my word enough to identify when I am really happy, I didn’t think I would ever get to a place like this but its here and I am loving every moment.

So to commence this day here is a song I heart!!

Mario “Music for Love”

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Imma Writer & a Biter!!!

lol @ myself for this, thank you comeback girl for reminding me to start my book and thanks for the video blog idea, you are sooo freakin fab that I had to copy, cuz I wanna be like you when I grow up!!

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