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Incase you happen to be one of the few folks that didn’t hear, me and “s” are back together. After I took time to think (read: a day) and make a couple phone calls for advice, I decided that I shouldn’t have skipped out on our relationship without doing my part in the relationship. We didn’t actually reconcile immediately, it actually took weeks (pure torture by the way), but when we did I was extremely happy with how things turned out. Not gonna go into much detail because this post is about a different issue, but just know we are doing very well.

A couple days ago I found out that my taxes on my house had gone up and I basically freaked out. I had decided that I was going to put my house on the market and had all kinds of plans to do some updates with some money I had saved. When I got word that my house payment went from $600 to almost $900 I was totally taken back. All my current life plans was based on this house and I had no clue what I was gonna do. I was having a horrible day on all fronts and all I wanted to do is cry in my mans arms.

I got to his house after work and we had a few errands to run so while we are driving I was explaining to him the WHOLE story. He engaged in conversation but he didn’t actually respond or give me any direct solutions to fixing my problem. So while I am talking I’m thinkin wow he ain’t even listening to ME how friggin rude, but I didn’t say anything I just manage to relax and vent which is what the point of going was. Still I felt uneasy because he hadn’t responded to anything I talked about. I was worried that he didn’t “Get me”

So the next day we are talking and he asked me a question that just made me melt “babe did you need me to do anything or help you try to figure out a solution with your house?”

GTFOOH! By golly he was listening!! I was so surprised and caught off guard, it just made my heart warm all up. I explained to him that what I needed was some emotional support because I knew it was gonna be emotionally draining having to deal with my house. I ask him to just be sweet to me and he said he could handle that. So it turns out he was listening and taking in all the information even though he didn’t respond right then he still was listening to me and was a good enough man to offer to help a sista any way he could.

I have to say I am enjoying having him in my life a little more each day and I am very happy to have gotten my man back.


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“You know its really late Christ and I have lots of work that I need to catch up on you should go” signaling the door Veronica backs away from Chris.

Life has been wonderful since the split. I must admit it was one of the most painful things I have had to endure but I finally got over it. Now I am a successful business owner for a local, growing real estate firm. I get to travel all over the world every month, I have plenty guys who adore me and some even want to marry me. There is no need to revisit such a terrible time In my life. I have everything I could possibly want, I don’t need this….

Looking down at Veronica Chris responds as If he had been reading my thoughts. “Baby, I understand I put you through a lot back then but I sincerely apologize. Sometimes you don’t realize what you have until its gone and I made a terrible mistake by leaving you. I know its been 2 years and its obvious that you have moved on, I don’t expect you to take me back but I am just asking for a chance. I promise I will love you right V…… I promise”. “Chris you can’t just pop up and expect things to be the way they used to, I was hurt and there is nothing really that you can do that would convince me to go back down that path”

Veronica feels herself getting restless and upset by a conversation that is going to lead to nowhere. “Look Chris we are both tired I’m sure, I appreciate you bringing me home and your more than welcome to stay in the guest bedroom if you don’t want to drive home”. “Thanks” He responds.

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“So what happen to that girlfriend of yours?”, What was her name, Porcha, Lexus, Honda?”. “Oh someone has jokes this evening I see, you know its not to late for you to hitch a cab the rest of the way..”. Oh I know but this gun in my purse says I won’t be needing to do that” Chris responded with a dry laugh. “You are crazy you know that?”, Her name was Mercedes, Veronica. “See I knew she had been named after a car I just couldn’t remember which one”. Yea sure, we broke up about 3 months ago. “Oh, Them women always messing up aren’t they?”. What makes you say that Veronica? Because there is no way possible you could have done anything wrong! “Just a pure comedian today”. “Hey I am just sayin…”

The rest of the car ride was rather informative, Chris explained what happened between him and his girlfriend. Honestly it didn’t totally surprise me, that they had broken up. Chris has always been a difficult man to deal with but I think that’s why I liked him so much.

“Just pull into that second driveway, my place is the last one on the left”. He proceeds to turn into the complex and pull into the driveway. “This you?” It sure is, I respond looking up at the three story 2 car garage brownstone. Chris helps me unload my suitcase and, continues walking it to the front entrance. “Well thank you for the lift” I say politely as I fumble for my keys. “You not gonna invite me in?, I have to use the bathroom”. “You know Chris if you wanted to see my place you could just ask instead of using the toilet for your demise”. “No Veronica I really DO have to pee”. “Fine” I respond with a slight attitude, I know he doesn’t have to pee that bad, Ok V just remember let him us the bathroom and send him packing! “You have come up since the last time I saw you huh”. Chris’s eye balls are everywhere except where my first floor bathroom is. “Yea the bathroom is this way”, I respond as I show him where the light is. After he shuts the door I run upstairs to freshen up, brushing my teeth and gargling with scope, I run the make-up applicator over my face to make sure I am not shining like new money and apply a fresh coat of strawberry lip gloss. “What am I doing all this for? I am not about to kiss this guy!. I scurry back down stairs as I hear the toilet flushing. “So you gonna show me around?. “Well I guess so since you don’t appear to be leaving”.

The entry way leads into an open living room with windows from floor to ceiling. Its decorated with leather furniture, that surrounds the cobblestone encased fireplace. above the fireplace is a 42″ flat screen and to the far corner is a large painting of downtown Detroit’s Riverfront. I proceeded to take him through all of the rooms except my own, for obvious reasons. “This is a very nice place you have here” What exactly do you do now to be able to afford such a place?”. “Can I get you something to drink Chris?”

Feeling a bit more relaxed about him being at my place and liking it, decided to offer up a bit of hospitality. “Sure what you got?”. “A little bit of everything, there is a bar downstairs too if your feeling like that”. “Oh so me leaving you turned you into an alki huh?”. “Hardy har har, now who is the comedian”. I respond throwing a cold bottle of water at his chest. “Actually I do a lot of entertaining…. “Oh your a private dancer, wow girl you must work it big time!” Chris I can show you the door now, I feel myself getting irritated by his comebacks. “Calm down V, I am just joking with you” Can I have my hug now?. “Assholeness doesn’t get rewarded around these parts”. “Your right I apologize sweetie” Chris responded in a lower soothing voice while pulling me towards his body. As he leans in to hug me, I am easily reminded what drew me to him. His tall statue complimented his physique, and the smell of cologne made me tingle all over. “You know I have missed you right?”. I look up at him with a puzzled face. “Chris, you missed me yet you dumped me for a girl named after a car, oh yea way to lay on the romance”. “Veronica I was confused back then, I knew how good of a woman you were but I just wasn’t ready to settle down, and I didn’t want to keep hurting you”. “While I am flattered you cared so much read my sarcasm, that was 2 years ago, and I have moved on so it doesn’t really matter at this point” “Oh but see Veronica it does matter, why do you think we crossed paths today 2 years later, that’s not a coincidence love”. “I….., Chris pulled me closer to him and motions me to not speak and smothers my lips with his. The man had the most passionate kisses I could have ever imagined, just as soft as the day I left them back in the spring of 06. We kiss for what seemed like an eternity, I didn’t fight it because deep down its exactly what I wanted to happen. I finally come up for air pushing him away from my now hot and bothered body. “How about that drink now?” “Everything I need is right here Veronica, its all right here….. I close my eyes and drift away as our lips meet a second time, but with even more passion than the first, his arms rap my body a little tighter but still gentle and I can’t remember the last time I felt this good…..

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“Its been a long trip” Veronica thought to herself as she pulled the large suitcase off the turnstile going around once more, full of large duffel bags and boxes. Vegas is one of my favorite places. I love everything from the weather to the nightlife right down to the food. I couldn’t believe Erica actually talked me into going to that gay bar over the weekend. I have never kissed so many drag queens in my life!

Veronica drags her suitcase down the hall heading towards the elevator to get to the lower level. “I hope Crystal answers her phone I am so tired, and I do not want to be waiting all night for her in this airport”. Veronica is styling as usual, in her brown military trench jacket with her dark blue skinny jeans and grey pumps matching the stripped pull over underneath the jacket. Reaching into the grey hobo she brought at Sugar on La Brea on Melrose Ave, she pulls out the cell phone blasting “Pop champagne”. “hi mom, yea I just got here I haven’t called Crystal yet, but I will in a sec let me call you back”.

Finally finding a spot to sit, Veronica props the large red suitcase up against the wall. “Starbucks Yes!!”. Nothing would warm her more than a nice tall hot chocolate. I hate Starbucks but its colder than a mutha sucka outside. “I’ll take a tall hot chocolate with whipped cream”, Reaching over the counter to hand the also tall chocolate brotha standing behind it a 20 dollar bill. “Oh boy!”, what was that ma,am? The guy blurted out with the puzzled look on his face. He sounded exactly like Steve Urkel from family matters. “Oh boy its cold” Veronica responded quickly trying to hold in laughter making a shivering motion.

Rushing to her seat away from urkel she burst into a fit almost spilling the hot beverage on her lap. Veronica is 5’4 138 petite girl, with a smooth chocolate completion, her hair is a jet black color shoulder length being held up in a bun by a hair clip she had pulled out of her carry on bag. Her eyes are dark brown and she has a little mole on her right cheek. “It’s good to be home” She thinks to herself sipping on the hot chocolate positioning herself in the chair to gain comfort so she can call her best friend. Just as she raises the cell phone to call a voice travels from a short distance away…..

“Veronica Is that you?” Says a deep soothing voice walking towards her. Pretending to keep her composure she speaks up in a bubbly yet calm voice. “Yep the one and only!”. The guy grabs her and squeezes her almost making her drop the cell phone. ” I haven’t seen you in ages, where have you been?” What are you doing in the airport?” The tall, caramel completed dude stares at her waiting for her to answer the 21 questions she feels she is being interrogated with. ” I been around…. Chris”. At that moment Veronica felt her heart drop all the way to the bottom of her stomach. I can’t believe this is happening to me, why of all times, and places must we cross paths. The man I thought I was for sure going to marry standing right in front of me. My ex…….

Quickly snapping out of her current trans she manages to answer him without fumbling over her words. ” Just got back from L.A was about to call my girlfriend to come get me”. Sipping her hot chocolate as if she is not phased by the sexiness standing before her. “I just got back from Kansas for work, I can take you home if ya want”. Holding the cup of coco, she looks at the cell phone debating whether or not she should take him up on his offer. It has been 2 years, I am completely over this man. Never mind he left me for some girl in Tampa, what would it harm me to let him take me home? I have a roster of men, this is just an ex from my past and he means nothing, “don’t trip girl, don’t trip”. “Ok”, Veronica manages to blurt out while he is standing at the counter ordering coffee from urkel. “Great!” Chris exclaims as he picks up his bag and offers to carry hers as well. ” I got it thanks”. They head to the exit of the airport into the chilling air. “What the hell am I doing” Veronica thinks to herself as she proceeds out the door…..

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Get Cha Goals Friday

Every where in blogsphere there is a day dedicated to one thing or another, be it being thankful, or getting out all the frustrations of the week, tell a story day, be creative day….. you get the point. Well I am going to start another NEW thang around chia, Its called Get Cha Goals Fridays. I am going to dedicate today to writing down everything that I NEED/WANT to get done between now and next friday.

Everybody knows how its important to have goals and a tah do list. So lets get to it!!

1. Finish this 7 day free membership out at the MAC – its been fun so this should be easy. Yesterday was zumba, it was this kinda salsa/jazzy funky type of work out dancing. Oh YEA this is where I realized I couldn’t dance.

2. Talk to “S” and get it all worked out – we haven’t seen each other for a few weeks yet and saturday we are gonna go see that 3D scary movie. Hopefully we will have a chance to reconnect and get everything out in the open.

3. Finish reading caged Bird – This book is so damn depressing and supposedly it gets better. I am half way through and urrr uhh I don’t see a light yet. But I am gonna finish it just because I started it.

4. Call my tenant – yea I been putting this off because I fear the unknown, maybe she is moved, maybe she needs to stay another month, maybe maybe maybe I dunno. She hasn’t called me sooo I guess I need to find out whats really goingz on. Her move out date was yesterday and the sooner I can get the house rerented, or sold the better my life will be.

So the list is short this week thank heavens, it shouldn’t be to hard to complete all these things. What do you NEED or want to do this week??

Lets get it!!

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Everybody Remembers Monica’s song I know because that was the jam back in uh….. 98, I was all of 17 but I remember oh so well…

” I should make a move but I won’t I know you’re probly thinkin something is wrong, knowin if I do then it won’t be right, I don’t get down on the first night”

Yea, but why not?? Outside of the obvious reasons, the guy will think your a slut, hoe, trick, skank, skally wag, what was my point? oh yes! If you have s*x on the first night chances are dude is NOT going to be looking to wife you. Its been proven fact that men like the chase and if we (single ladies) give it up to soon, we are taking ourselves OUT of the wife category right away.

But no sir, I don’t believe that (until someone comes and changes my A.D.D mind) Honestly I believe its the way we act, AFTER we have given up the goodies to soon. I mean I am going to be frank and honest with ya folks cuz thats just what I do. There has been ONE occasion that I have slept with someone two early in the game (Read date 2) that I really liked (after date two) I mean, he was feeling me I was feeling him, we got to kissin, he got to touchin, and BAM! There I was making him breakfast at the crack of dawn the next day.

Honestly after that room romp I wanted to lock his azz up and throw away the key (based on s*x alone). A sista started ACTING as tho she 1 never had good s*x 2 as if he was my man just because we slept together. Dude prolly thought I was crazy (yea i was) and this was a big turn off.

Now I am not going to go around proclaiming just putting on your “tough” face right after doing the do, and clamin up actin something like a pimp but there is a certain level of calmness one must exude after giving away them good done debbie cakes. We are all adults and if you feeling some kinda way and he just does it for you go for it. Us woman are self conscious enough, I am sure sleeping with a man has weighed heaver on YOUR mind MORE than it would ever weigh on a mans mind. They really don’t care! or do they?

I am a strong advocate of “Waiting” until the time is right, getting to know a person, and all that jazz (not really). I am really starting to change my mind about my approach to the situation I mean, If I could have amazing s*x on a first date, manage to not drive myself crazy by wondering if dude thinks I am a hoe and continuing to do me, I might be able JUST MAYBE to pull a ring out of the deal. If you get into the moment and it just happens, don’t go crying talmbout im never gonna get married cuz I slept with dude to soon, just relax (put the skillet away and the eggs back in the frig. Its gonna be ok!

So would you get down on the first night stereo type or Not? Can we be real up in this peace!

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Always On My Mind

I was just thinking……

What its going to be like to be debt free – will I be excited? will I just be chill? go on a shopping spree maybe? I haven’t a cue but I got a million things running through my head about the day I make my last payment. Honestly I think the first thing I am actually gonna do is fall to my knees and say thank you lord, without you none of this would be possible.

Where am I gonna live – My lease on my apartment is up in 8 months (can’t wait) I don’t think I will be out of debt which will determine my residence until that time. I know once I am debt free I want to live in some fancy loft or condo but where I don’t know? maybe Michigan, maybe Florida maybe LA or ATL??? who knows but the sky is the limit when I don’t have any payments yeesssir!

My very own walk in closet – No I don’t actually watch m.t.v cribs THAT MUCH. But I did see that episode back in the day when Kimora had that whole room for a closet, yep when I get wealthy I am going to make one of my rooms into a closet and then I am gonna fill it with clothes and shoes. Nope I don’t want an office, a work out room or anything like that, just a BIG closet yup yup.

Where my brother is going to move too – My little brother made it clear he is NEVER coming back to Michigan when he graduates. He has been a lotta places and college has done him much good to be able to decide. I just hope he moves some place warm so I can visit a LOT.

What its like to be a traveler – So I been to South Africa and I haven’t taken any serious trips since I was about 17. I want to see everything when I am out of debt everything in the US and most of what’s out side of it. I think I am going to start by taking weekend trips to different places first stop is LA, not sure why I want to be in Vegas but it just seems like a cool spot.

So what are some things you think about on the regular?

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