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This little collage here has been held hostage for a couple months now. Originally I had planned to post it up on my financial site, but my A.D.D kicked in and well you know the rest….

Anyways I created this and posted it up on my wall to remind myself how fabulous I am and all the things that represent a lot of who I am. The picture in the middle was done by one of the most fab people comeback girl who certainly has mastered the art of making lemonade when life gives you lemons!

Everyday we live we should remember to tell ourselves we are great, because if you can’t convince yourself of how great you are, you sure will have a hard time convincing others….


So family Do ya like my style?

yea thats sexy sexy sexy!!!

*you may now return to your regularly scheduled sabbatical*


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Blog Break

I dunno what it is but every time I have something profound to write about its usually at 3am! Im in bed, im not getting up to friggin write! By the time morning comes I’ve forgotten what it was I needed to get off my chest, hints the reason nothing is been written…..

Soooo next time I have the urge to write really late, I will do myself a favor and get up. I use this blog to reflect on past things and if im not writing about truth Im not writing anything….

Next weekend is the trip to Chicago with “S” so maybe between now and then I will have something important to say… Until then you can hang out here!

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