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Love Making…

Have you ever had a connection with someone so strong that made you forget about everything that was wrong with the world??? I am talking about the kind of love making that allows you to let go of every single inhibition that you’ve ever felt. The kind that makes every single time the two of you get together its like a brand new experience, only its with that same special someone. You connect as though you’ve known each other your whole life, your bodies fit and every position you attempt acts as though it was always meant to be. Well my friends if you haven’t had this then you have no idea what your missing!! I have always been a very intimate lover in a sense that I always aim to please. I believe that when two people understand that the ultimate pleasure is knowing your lover is satisfied, everything is intensified from the beginning til the very end. Its almost like eating a Mrs Fields chocolate chip cookie freshly baked and having every morsel melt in your mouth until it was gone……. and then you crave another. The satisfaction comes when the two of you can fall asleep in each others arms and dream about what just happened…… This love, This feeling, This joy is something that everyone should be able to experience at least once in there life time and if you don’t well I’ll offer you some cookies and maybe then you can get an idea of what its like lol…..



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