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Dear Lord

I have a question for you as well as a request to give words of wisdom. As of late I have found myself learning how to submit to Gods word, and slowly change my ways and habits that are not of God. Even though for the most part things are going well, I still find myself struggling and as I speak to people that are also in the word. I find most advise being givin to me is (do as i say and not as I do) while most of what is spoken is easily backed up in scripture, i find myself wondering when can I be the exception to the rule like everybody else??? when is it ok for me to date without being told to “wait on the lord”, when it is ok to have relationships with people that are not as spiritual, when can I let my guard down?? there are so many rules that sometimes im frustrated. I keep hearing “oh i did it and even though it worked out for me, still don’t do it”

so my question is, how to you stay true to God while allowing yourself to still be who you are. I want to be blessed but I also believe that God requires me to take action as well. I just don’t want to go down the wrong path, but I don’t want to crash and burn because of all these “rules” either.


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A friend put me up on this oldie but goodie song from Destiny’s child back when they had 3 members. I love this song because it allows you to be reminded of how blessed you are every morning, and it has a funky beat to it that you can’t help but bop around to on the way to work.

The weekend was great, Got to meet some wonderful folks and have a blast too. My first time in ATL left me with mixed feelings but I am sure that was because I was only there for 2.5 days. I was most happy to have gotten out of Michigan though, so im not even mad.

These last few months have been so wonderful for growth. Me turning to God more, and working on self improvement. While there have been pitfalls there has most def been more positive going on a lot. I think I am becoming a better person even though its challenging a times, its worth it. Being a prideful person and working my way out of that, is like wow! I get to work on time, and im starting to value everything I have, from my lil car to my soon to be $345 apt and my job. God is blessing and its a great time to speak about the positive things that are taking place in my life. More to come soon….

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Everyone knows by now that I am a Dave Ramsey junkie, I listen to every radio show twice, I work on the same budget 5 times a day, and constantly analyze my next form of attack on bills. While all this is true I have yet to reveal to others Daves “other side” Most of the time he is about money and politics and most people can’t agree to disagree on either but he also from time to time brings new people into the mix. Obviously he is a money guy so its not likely for him to be telling folks about how to grow a garden 101. Anywhoot he does have experts on other topics that he isn’t so good with, such as relationships, careers, law and the list goes on.

Recently I stumbled upon a book written by an author on his recommended readers list. Come to find out there are other books written by the same author and one in particular caught my eye. Its called “Boundaries in dating” by Dr Henry Cloud. I am not going to give away all the details but I will say this has been one of the best reads to date, I say everyone should pick it up, its even better than the Steve book lol.

check it out!


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Turn my swag on!!!

This week has been a pretty decent week for the most part. My job has given my department a pretty much once in a million years chance to work over time for a few weeks. The reason this situation happens to be rather unique is because they offer what they call “Comp time” Basically I can choose to get a check in hand or vacation time. I opted for vacation since Mik hasn’t been able to “Save” any time since 3 years ago. Shortly after my dad passed away some years ago I started slacking off at work and haven’t exactly been the same. This isn’t to say the two relate but its just been a LONG TIME. So im excited to know that If we go 7 weeks, I would potentially end up with somewhere around 100 hours of vacation. Yay right? Its good but I will be working from sun up to sun down so if you are looking for me you can find me AT WORK!

The other thing was that I have an opportunity to be a guest poster on this site called Flagler Hill. I don’t really venture to much outside of the treehouse given my limitations at work and the fact that the treehouse is so much fun, but when someone asked me to be a quest I felt kinda honored lol. Anywhoot I been spending a few days over there posting and the people there are pretty cool. My post made it to the top spot TWICE! woot woot!

Its been pretty cool being single again, and dealing in just life and watching my other friends fall in love, and losing a friend as well. I know one thing is I always welcome change, its an opportunity to grow and become a better me. The next few weeks should be good times “smiles”

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