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My Personal Time…

So I been away from this blog for a short while and I swear its been eating me up! I guess I will always have things to say about my personal life as well as my financial life tho they coexist together sometimes, they need to be separated, you know like those two bad kids who can’t ever seem to keep from fighting lol.

A lot of good things have gone on in the past few months in my spiritual life. I feel like I have grown in a lot of ways but there are some area’s of life that just dont seem to change as you would hope or thing they should. It was a year ago that everything in my life took a turn, most of it outlined here about the troubles n struggles. Now im glad to say a LOT yes a LOT of what happen last year is behind me thank God but I still carry those trials with me. I carry them because its help me to remember where I came from, how I got out, and where I am going. I credit all of my success to God and prayers from people all over and my faith. They say all it takes is a little and I promise that one day I felt like giving up almost a year ago all I had was a little.

In a few weeks I will be 26 and I promise that the year I was 25 was one of the best years of my life. Anyways, I need this blog, this journal like people need water. Its how I speak to myself, its how I remember things, sometimes its helps me learn to forget too. This is the place I can be myself and share my wins my losses with 1 person or a million people and I never forget that while I write there is always someone going through the same things.

In shorter words I’m Back!!


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