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I finally got around to making the transition to my new finance blog Anitrasplace.net. The site is dedicated to everything you can think of about money. It was inspired partly by the comeback girl and my friend brad who has been running his financial blog for a while now.

Originally my blog (ie this one), was created to journal my everyday struggles in life. It was almost a year ago when my life took a turn for now what seems to be a beatiful journey to becoming a woman. I didn’t realized how in 7 months things had changed and my blog was starting to reflect the things that are important to me.

The new blog is less personal and more financial advise driven. Comeback girl says building wealth shouldn’t have to be so painful and she for sure can tell you how she thinks im in pain lol. So I want to share my financal accomplishments with the world as well as share the methods I am using to get there. All while keeping it light and fun. I still plan to “keep it real” I just want people to feel comfortable talking about the issue that we face everyday as a nation.

I still plan to keep this blog to talk about whatever else, but mostly its now my history book. I am extremly proud of the things I have accomplish this past year and I am looking forward to a great year in 2009 when I am completely debt free.

So check out the new site, its fun and you can learn a few things too!! Its just us girls (and a guy lol) talking about how to save money, build wealth and be better people.

Thank you for being a reader, I love all 5 of you!!!


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So I have a thing for the men in this industry. They pretty much take the cake over every profession, well except lawyers because I have never dated a black lawyer, or a doctor, or a police officer, what was my point again??? Oh yea I love engineers, they are so smart and very hard working and I plan to marry one!!

The End

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Well my fellow blogger friends, Since I moved my rants and raves about debt over to my friends site I can now get back to the business of talking about other stuff! Sorry the debt stuff just over came me!!

Anyways yesterday I was talking to my good friend about people we used to sleep with and why. He went on to describe a girl that was all of about a -8 outta 10 in the looks department and he had no intentions on ever I repeat EVER being in a relationship with her. As all woman, we think men will sleep with just about anything walking But this girl had something special. She could put it down in the bed like no one he had ever meet in his life. He went on to give me all the details clearly and vividly about some woman he knew all of 10 years ago!! I think he actually made his self hard while talking about it (sorry) but he did!

Anyways as I listened to him rant I couldn’t help but think about that one guy (yes one) that I currently hold every man to his bar for (which is VERY HIGH). The man knew how to flip it, smack it and rub it down. I knew every time I would see him that I would not be disappointed when we got busy and well I still think about it like it was yesterday just like my friend does. But he was someone in spite of his sexual capabilities he and I had no right to be together. I often wondered why I would keep dealing with our fights, and bickering over dumb stuff and for a minute I thought I loved the man. But my friends it wasn’t love it was the other L word, Lust.

I know sometimes its hard to keep the two separated, but I swear everytime you hear your friend say oh she put a brick in his window, or I got a ppo on that crazy b*tch for putting a knife on my pillow with red kool-aid on it and a note saying “imma kill yo ass*. No my friends this is not love like you think, this is straight up lust. I mean I know we have all fell in love a time or two, but sex good sex can make you do way more crazy ish than love ever could. I know, even though I have never put peanut butter n somebodies gas tank I sure have thought about it, and I know it wasnt cuz I loved that foo!!

Anyways once I figured out that it wasn’t love, I was able to let go of the situation. I think we all need to take a step back and analyze why we stay with people who aren’t capable of making us happy outside of sex. Trust me its good for the soul and whatever, but word of advise don’t go dumping you lust buddy until you can be with someone you love, dont want u to get fired from you job because you threw a computer out of a window (i have never done this).

So good people, who do you love lust???

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All Grown Up

So I am happy to announce I got the job!! You all are looking at the new Coordinator for financial peace university at Union Baptist Church, Can I get an AMEN!! PRAISE JESUS!

Thank everyone for the support, this is one of the coolest things to happen in the 7 months I have been working the debt free plan. The lady was so inspired and thrilled to have me working, and word is they even want to pay a sista!!! I am soooooo freakin happy that words can’t describe. The classes won’t actually begin until January of next year, but the next couple months will be spent doing marketing, promoting and getting people to sign up. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!

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I am pleased to announce the triumphant collaboration with Mikki (myself) and Best blogger buddy Brad over at ENEMY OF DEBT. Brad Myself and Chuck have decided that 3 blogger heads is better than one and we are now partners in the WAR AGAINST DEBT. Its kinda like a Money version of VSB  if you will, and I am so excited Brad chose me to be on the debt freedom team. So for all my beloved fans I ask for your support in this new venture. Over at Enemy of debt you will find stories of victories of debt freedom, along with a  wealth of knowledge teaching you how to be smart with money and also stupid stories of what not to do with money! Thank you again for all your support. I hope that just like SBM and VSB’s site we can make a change to educating ourselves about building wealth, if i takes one person to reach a million you better believe we will be doing it!! So take your happy selves on over and get to reading and registering!

Brought to you by

ya best blogger sista with a thousand names

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Remember last week?  (maybe you don’t) I was talking about working on a few new developments? Well a few things are starting to take place and I am super siked! Today I spoke with the assistant to the pastor of United Missionary Baptist Church and she wants me to coordinate a class for her church!! I was so nervous talking to her but I was able to get my point across and she was sold on the idea. I am just overwhelmed with excitement because things are starting to fall into place and it feels great. So I meet with her on Monday to pitch more of the idea. She says she is going to put me on a woman’s panel at a conference in September to promote the program even more. Talk about being put out there!! I guess I need to go find my professional hat lol. So pray for me as I embark on this new endeavor it could mean a lot of doors opening for me in the future as this is something I have always wanted to do.

Stay tuned!

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I almost forgot about the pictures over the weekend. I went to the baby shower, and me and my mom hung out. We got a pedicure and while i was on my cell phone and I dropped it in the water my feet was in lol. U know Dave got my back cuz the worker rushed over and was like let me fix it!! This heffer air dried my phone with the airbursh tool!! u know i wasnt getting no new phone that day, and i think i tried like 10 times to break it. Ah well it still works maybe another time! ok picture time!


                  Awww I miss my lil house…..





                  Baby’s mommie



           awwwwww friends forever

I really felt the need to take pictures of my street


                  I didn’t give her that card

but I did give her money to do this and its sooooooo purrdy! made me almost want to have a baby myself!! (not)

            dude was jaming at that concert

                       so was he


                    I didn’t get any of that


this cookie was much much larger than it looks and I ate the whoooole thing!


at one point he was actually playin two instruments at once..

I think this weekend was the most stuff I have done all summer outside of work. Look out for me in 09, its on and poppin!

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