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So its been two months, and well into the early stages of my new relationship and its been the most wonderful. “S” is thoughtful, sweet, and respectful among other things that would take a long time for me to write about, but I only got 4 minutes so I will just leave this song I heart with yall to ponder…

Tyler Perry “Ain’t nothing like a good man” (from meet the browns play)


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Last night I had the opportunity to treat myself to my very first live Tyler Perry Play “The Marriage Counselor”. Honestly it was on a last minute whim but I paid $40 for a very good seat and that honestly was all I spent (attempting to justify random spending). Anyways I must say it was a very very good show. I actually haven’t laughed so hard in such a long time and every bit of the show was enjoyable right down to the singing. I recommend couples and singles see the play if you get a chance even if your not a big fan of Perry. 

Without telling the whole thing, it basically is about the challenges married couples face. It dealt with everything from money, infidelity and its consequences, physical attraction, sex, right down to dealing with in-laws. It was a good look into real life issues that most married couples have to face. I for one after seeing the show must say I am glad to be single and not married yet because it truly does take a lot of work & and sacrifice to make a relationship work and last. The whole show was as I say “gut busting funny”.

I laughed about a million and one times, and for that reason alone I say go see it.  


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