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Incase anyone is wondering where the mikster has been, I have been extremely busy. My full time job has implemented some new programs that happen to all be a priority and, my 2nd job has me pretty much running the whole show. I am super tired these days but I am loving every moment of what I am doing.

This new job has opened up a ton of new doors, stressful? yes, worth it? totally. I am finally getting to work in the field I have been attempting to get into for about 4 years but never really had the right avenue and teachings. Working at my new job is teaching me a lot of things that I can apply even outside of work. I am learning how to delegate, organize 10 times better than what I did before because time is missed sleep and money in this field. Its also forcing me to be 100 times more accountable to my first job. I had to notify them that I was working somewhere else to make sure nothing I am doing interfere with my full time employment. I have been on time to work for the last 2 weeks, even while only getting a few hours of sleep because its much more important now that I don’t get caught slippin! Apparently I thrive off pressure not to be confused with stress.

Its been a wonderful couple of weeks for my career advancement and I can’t say how happy I am to have been given this opportunity. Most importantly I am earning extra income that can potentially lead to my debt freedom sooner, which is the greatest reward of all. Oh no mikki has NOT fallin off the debt free wagon, its just getting more intense. I think by the time this is all said and done I will have gone through 50,000 worth of bills to have been paid off, including keep up with my house payments, rent, beater with a heater, dating, buying properties and the list goes on. I can’t wait to add it all up and see how muchy my life was with all that debt.

So don’t fret I will check back in more often as I get time to write and talk about the other things going on in my life. Right now work is my focus and debt freedom is my goal!!

so hollaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!


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