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If you didn’t hear already, this past weekend was great. I went to salsa bootcamp and a salsa social. I learned a lot of new moves and discovered that this would be something I would like to get good at. This weekend I also faced some rejection, but you know they say for every door closed one will open!! Its funny because not many women put them selves out there to even be rejected. I feel like the more I step out the more im not afraid to go after what I want and it actually feels good.

Even thought I don’t exactly have my numbers up yet, I have been having really the time of my life, getting out meeting new people men and women alike. I can’t say I haven’t done this much in a few years and I really don’t remember why I had not before. Since being on the plan my life is becoming a little more enhanced each day. I am finding what I love and what I could care less about, im finding out more about my faith walk as well. Also being able to tap into some old good habits that I neglected a while ago.

Funny none of it really has to do with men, its just learning to do me. I never really realized until now how fun is it to be single as in being free to make plans for whatever, go here go there and not have anyone say I can’t. I think im actually over booking stuff to do!! Now trust I haven’t forgotten about my 5 numbers a week, but what I have learned more so that its has to do with learning me as I stated already 100 times. As I get out more and more I will eventually get my numbers up and have prospects but its certainly ok with out them right now. I just want to have a good time and I am doing just that.

Lesson 1.5

rejection can be a beast but you must keep moving right along!


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I almost forgot about the pictures over the weekend. I went to the baby shower, and me and my mom hung out. We got a pedicure and while i was on my cell phone and I dropped it in the water my feet was in lol. U know Dave got my back cuz the worker rushed over and was like let me fix it!! This heffer air dried my phone with the airbursh tool!! u know i wasnt getting no new phone that day, and i think i tried like 10 times to break it. Ah well it still works maybe another time! ok picture time!


                  Awww I miss my lil house…..





                  Baby’s mommie



           awwwwww friends forever

I really felt the need to take pictures of my street


                  I didn’t give her that card

but I did give her money to do this and its sooooooo purrdy! made me almost want to have a baby myself!! (not)

            dude was jaming at that concert

                       so was he


                    I didn’t get any of that


this cookie was much much larger than it looks and I ate the whoooole thing!


at one point he was actually playin two instruments at once..

I think this weekend was the most stuff I have done all summer outside of work. Look out for me in 09, its on and poppin!

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