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As of late I have been able to dedicate myself to a lot of positive things. I became a member of my church recently and decided to dedicate my life to Christ. I am dedicated to learning about how to date, be a better person, getting out of debt and a bunch of other things. But Yesterday I was attending a good friend of mines fundraiser. I hadn’t supported her in her campaign efforts since God knows when. She has been running for city council and I have totally been MIA. Yesterday I realized how much I had been out of touch and I felt a pain in my stomach and I felt like i had failed a friend.

I always preach about friends this and that but how much of a friend have I been as of late?? Probably not a good one because just like the people i complain about I ACT LIKE just on a different level. Today I realized it and it hurt me bad but I had to own up to it so I could face it an deal with it. Just because I messed up doesn’t mean I can’t make it right, right???

So I called up my girlfriend and apologized as best I could (cuz i suck at this) and told her I would do my best to help her from this point on. She said it was ok but you know deep down actions speak louder than words. So I thought of one area I KNEW she always needed help and the only real area i knew how to help with was with the children. I told her I would come get the kids the next day and she was very grateful. See my friend always knew she needed help but she isn’t one to ask especially when it comes to her children because she feels like she shouldn’t have to “Ask” if you really cared about them that way. I can’t actually blame her to a certain extent but I know if it was me I would call err body to come watch my kids lol. Anywhoot…..

I promised myself that I would go and watch the kids a few times a week until the election is over. That is the least I can do as a friend and she is just that kind of person that would do the same for you.

So for the next 2 months this is one BIG thing I am going to dedicate myself to and ask God everyday to keep me and the kids safe cuz uh lawd knows I love the kids but ummm im no suzie home maker lol. I think it should be fun spending a lot of time with them and hopefully can learn from this experience. I want to be a person that people can depend on and I also want to follow through with things I say I am going to do. This is my second chance.



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Does Sex Heal?????

I was laying in my bed earlier thinking about all the things I have been faced with, car accident, job stress, relationship issues you know the stuff that makes you say wtf!. Anyways as I broke to tears I started thinking about what would make me temporarily happy In the mist of all my sorrows. Long and behold I had an ah ha moment and the answer was sex. Yes sex I say!!!

As I laid there contemplating the idea of having just one night of self indulging love making passion with …… (ok skip who with for a second)

I figured I better consult my inner self before I ran to make a rash decision that I may very well regret the next day.

So I am putting this question out there to anybody who will listen. Does sex heal ??? I personally would say yes but I haven’t ever actually had sex when I have been stressed so thats why I am asking. I want to know that If I go do it will it give me a sense of relief and clear my thoughts OR add to the list of complicated things in my life. I have been really good at the whole celibacy thing (waiting for a relationship) but I am running out of reasons why not to………


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