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Its been an extremely eventful week/weekend. It started on Thursday when I was held hostage in my office at my second job due to babies momma drama with my co-worker. I tell you that has got to be the craziest thing I have ever experienced in my life to date. Friday and Saturday I worked into the wee wee hours of the morning making sure everything was caught up. I headed out for Detroit and managed to get some R&R time in with my family. Sunday we headed to church and had good eats afterwards.

Monday I was so exhausted from working and traveling that I decided to take the day off from my first job and try to work on a few things on my second while getting some much needed rest. I had been getting phone calls through out the day asking me where I was in the process of completion of a few projects. I had advised both my bosses that I was working but doing as little as possible. You would have thought that for 2 people that don’t have full time jobs they would have been able to finish up where I left off. Well around 6pm I get phone call asking me why everything is not done…… (blank stare) are ya kidding?? I had managed to complete 17 orders in 2 days and left them with 8, your telling me you can’t finish 8 orders by midnight? My boss says to me “well you know I type slow” and thats my problem because???

So I hung up the phone furious to the 10th degree that I had been checked so tough after just being praised 2 days ago about how well I had done. On top of all this I was not getting paid properly and had found an email from a past employee demanding payment after she quit 2 months ago. All this lead me to dial up the number at 10 pm to say guess what I QUIT!!! I did not appreciate being taken advantage of after all the work I have put in. Thankfully I had just called my co-worker (from my first job) resolving issues from previous days about the whole hostage fiasco a few days prior. She said she understood why I quit and said she tried to warn them about treating me right and they didn’t listen. She said that she would love to have me work with her and hopefully have things better organized than these two people. I honestly tried to work with them and give them chances to shape up but my first job is my priority and I can’t function with all the chaos between the two of them. I also can’t work without getting paid!!

These clowns also went as far as to threaten my license being “frozen” unaware that I work for the government who handles the license and would be verifying that this was not the case the very next day. I am so out done by these folks and relieved that I am no longer apart of the company. I really liked the job but you can not expect to be successful while treating people wrong. So on to my next adventure with my new partner, lets pray that the 2nd time is a charm.

stay tuned…..


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