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Ok so here I am popping on my music from Imeem and I decided to listen to the new song by Usher called “Papers”. Basically a song about how the marriage he had went down the crapper and he was ready to be divorced.

While I understand and cut Hollywood and stardom a little slack, I still don’t understand why people have such a low regards for marriage that they just up n leave when it gets hard. Its starting to really tick me off how people even have the balls to get married knowing full well the point of marriage only to end it over the STUPIDEST of things. “He made me drive a pinto and I wanted a honda so its not gonna work” Or “she never cooks and can’t open a beer bottle with her teeth while wearing 6 inch heels every day so im out” I mean its ridiculous. If you had the slightest inclination that it wouldn’t work, then why do it?

People get married all the time for the wrong reasons which I understand, but once your in it why can’t you just stick it out. Sometimes I often wonder if marriage is even for me almost like well if nobody cares about marriage why should I do it? It longer has the value placed on it like it used to and its looked at as just something to do these days.

I really wish people would start taking these commitments to each other a LOT more seriously. Our children are suffering because of it and we are becoming a more and more narcissistic society living in the “its all about me and my happiness” type of a world. When will people realize that its not JUST ABOUT YOU and get over themselves.

I think it should be a lot harder to divorce someone than it is now. I think if it was harder to get out people wouldn’t take it so lightly. The song “papers” is stupid and I WISH a fool might try to divorce me over some dumb stuff. You won’t at all be singing a song called papers you will be singing “I wish she hadn’t thrown them hot grits on me while I was butt a*z naked” now you can sign your PAPERS!


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Jams of The Week

Andreena Mill gets 2 songs for the jams of the week. I honestly went back and forth about which one I liked better and couldn’t decide so I had to pick them both. She is very talented and I am down to support her all the way. Shot outs to who ever that girl was on KB’s site promoting Ms Mill I am enjoying her music and I think she is hot but don’t take my word for it check it out yourself!!

In A Day

What It Was About Me

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Last night I had the opportunity to treat myself to my very first live Tyler Perry Play “The Marriage Counselor”. Honestly it was on a last minute whim but I paid $40 for a very good seat and that honestly was all I spent (attempting to justify random spending). Anyways I must say it was a very very good show. I actually haven’t laughed so hard in such a long time and every bit of the show was enjoyable right down to the singing. I recommend couples and singles see the play if you get a chance even if your not a big fan of Perry. 

Without telling the whole thing, it basically is about the challenges married couples face. It dealt with everything from money, infidelity and its consequences, physical attraction, sex, right down to dealing with in-laws. It was a good look into real life issues that most married couples have to face. I for one after seeing the show must say I am glad to be single and not married yet because it truly does take a lot of work & and sacrifice to make a relationship work and last. The whole show was as I say “gut busting funny”.

I laughed about a million and one times, and for that reason alone I say go see it.  


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Stuff about me you may or may not already know…

1. My favorite ice cream is cookies and cream

2. I hate that not to many people know who Syleena Johnson is

3. My middle name is Anitra

4. I still don’t know how to play chess

5. I’m not big on reading

6. I have a cat named Pinky (anybody want her?)

7. I have only been outside of the u.s twice in my life (south africa and canada)

8. I have a thing for tall men

9. I can actually cook

10. I cried watching that movie “The Holiday”

11. Has never watched the uncut version of “Coming to America” I hear Eddie curses a lot

12. I like to sing and dance in the car (but can’t dance)

13. I like subtitle movies

The End

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