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I have pretty much been a fan of Kimora Lee Simons ever since I saw her with Russel years ago on MTV cribs. I like her style and most of all her divaesq attitude. Some times (Read a lot) she can be a true bitch, I remember one episode where she had James running around checking the weather every 2 seconds to see if it would rain or not because if it did she wouldn’t do her photo shoot. Funny thing is she had no real intent not to do the shoot, she just wanted to as she said “keep James on his toes” But this post isn’t about Kimora actually its just about my weekend and how I just like saying fabulous a lot!!

Friday night I had my interview with a real estate company a co-worker of mine hooked me up with. I actually did get the job so lets pray it all goes well!!

After that I was called last minute to go see Lion King the musical. It was a wonderful show and I would see it 5 more times (during the day). I was so tired!!

Saturday morning I picked up the kids and we went to fenner park for the maple syrup festival. We learned about all kinds of birds, touched a snake, got our faces pained and had maple syrup sundays! After that we had pizza and watched movies. Incase some of you don’t know baby sitting every know and again is my form of birth control, trust it works!

Saturday evening my boo came, we made dinner (he did) and we watched the game.

Sunday we went out for lunch and spent the afternoon at his aunts house. We ended up watching Cadillac records and soul men, two good movie by the way.

It was a very fun weekend and it was very nice to spend time with all the folks I love!


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