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I have been a fan of Americas Next Top Model ever since the day it aired. I caught the modeling bug back when I was about 24 years of age. I did a couple photo shoots, because you know what they say “always gotta have head shots“. I even signed up for a modeling agency that ended up going bankrupt shortly after I signed. But most of all modeling was more of an idea in my head than anything. I for one didn’t have the know how, and secondly I was 120 lbs standing tall at 5’3. Sure I knew all about “industry standards” and how many “petite” women model but I didn’t ever think I would be that “Exception” to the ten feet tall and skinny as a twig rule.

When ANTM aired I immediately looked up the “height” requirements only to discover that you had to be at least 5’7 to even try out. So my dream to be on the show ever in life would be just that, a dream.

Until NOW that is!! As every one may know they recently announced that ANTM cycle 13 will be just for the “short girls” When I first saw that announcement I darn near fell off the bed because this was my time. I never thought it would happen but apparently they are gonna give us shorter girls a chance and guess who is gonna try out (yes me!!). ANTM will be holding auditions through March and the will be holding one open casting call in Chicago and I will be in attendance. I have exactly 9 days to eat nothing prepare and I am going to be working my but off doing a Daniels fast rewind for the next week. Even though I am extremely nervous I feel like this is something I have to do, one of those you don’t know until you try and I am a big fan of trying. So all of you out in blogger world better get my autograph now because I am gonna be AMERICAS NEXT TOP MODEL!!!


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