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As everyone may know today was my last day of the Daniels fast. It ended at 12 noon and I had been planning on what I might eat for lunch for the whole morning and trust me burgers was on the brain. But during the course of the day I fell into a hell of a funk. I am suppose to be happy today, I lost weight, I FINISHED something, and I am moving on to do something greater because of this 21 day experience.

So why am I all down and out?? After thinking about it I realized its because its much easier to be mad about something than to think about ways to make something better. Typically I like to feel sorry for myself and be in a bad mood because for some odd reason it makes me feel better to crawl under a rock and not deal with things. Well I can’t keep putting things off, thats only going to create a bigger mess. So This afternoon I spent the day doing things that I knew would put me back into a positive mood and it worked and I am soo glad.

The other thing I noticed is that I didn’t look for food to comfort my annoyance with the day, even though I could have eaten anything I wanted I didn’t, I had my usual snacks just as if I was still on the fast. This made me realize how much of an affect it had on my behavioral pattern. Everybody has stress every now and then but what I am realizing is that just because it takes a bit more energy to think positively than to sulk doesn’t mean its ok to do.

So if your in a bad mood get up n go do those things that highlight how much of a beautiful person you are, and how proud you should be off all your accomplishments its working for me and it should work for you too!!


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