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Its only been 4 days and I can finally start reporting things I have been noticing happening to my body.

1. More bowl movements – Thats right I shat every day now. I know your thinkin well thats what you are suppose to do anyways right? Yes but when you eat a lot of fast food, processed food, sugars ect…. that stuff keeps your body from cleansing itself properly. Before now I was only using the bathroom maybe once or twice a week. Now that I go every day naturally it makes me want to always keep healthy food in my body. It feels exactly like a detox.

2. More Energy – Ok so I still been late for work lol, but its not because I am to tired to wake up. Since I started the fast I feel tons more rested. I don’t fall asleep right after a meal anymore, and I can go through a whole day without needing any power naps or extra pick me ups. I even have enough energy to exercise late at night and early in the morning.

3. Control Over what I eat – When I first read about the plan, it said something about what to do when you feel hunger pains. They went on to explain that its just your body workin off the fat and it doesn’t always mean your hungry. When I would feel my hunger pains (they come often the first few days) I would drink water or eat some of my nut mix. After a while the hunger pains didn’t come so often because I ate more healthy stacks and drank more water. Now when I eat its not because I am starving, which would always cause me to over eat. This helps especially when you are on the go and you need something fast, I no longer look to mcdonalds to bail me out which feels really good.

4. I still eat fast food – Not fries n burgers, more like ready to go stuff. Like the fresh salads from wendy’s only have lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers in them, I add my own dressing and fruits to it. I have been buying these 3 at a time as of late, and can always have one for lunch and not worry about what im gonna eat. I always have a fast healthy snack on hand so I don’t have to worry about busing the fast because im starved. The key that I have learned is helping me is to buy only what I know I will eat for a fact. I don’t want to be wasteful nor do I wanna force myself to eat something that I really don’t want. So I didn’t buy a lot of stuff on the list of foods, I stuck to a few items that I knew would always satisfy me when I needed it quickly.

I don’t look any different as of right now but I certainly feel good. I drink lots of water, and eat fruit throughout the day.

Today I had 1 tangelo for breakfast and water. For lunch I brought a side salad from wendys. I put raisins, mixed nuts, and strawberries in it. The only dressing I have been using is the organic balsamic vinegar that Holly has recommended. It doesn’t taste all that good but with all the fruit and nuts in the salad you don’t really taste it.

This morning I also finished the first workout session on bob’s tape! that was exciting because even though its “low cardio” it took me 3 days to make it to the end without stopping (only 20 minutes).

So far I am enjoying the fast and my prayer is that I learn how to take care of my body better through out this process. Its certainly changed my habits. Prayerfully I can make it though the 21 days and beyond.


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February 28th 2008 would have marked my 7th week in my Financial Peace university classes. So far I must say the program is going

amazingly great. Only yesterday I sat down and actually discovered I have a negative net worth of $100,000 (ouch!). Looks bad on paper I know, and people are thinking “how can finding out your broke be great?” Trust me knowing is half the battle. Since I know what debt I have, I was able to formulate a plan to paying things off, and if all goes well I could pay off everything (including my home) in about 5 years that’s if I continued to work my current job and never made anything extra.  

Money don’t grow on trees no sir

 For all my friends that I talk to on a regular basis, you have been made aware of the set backs as far as obtaining a second job (failed drug test), but things are looking up, I may have a job interview at Meijer coming up soon and I will update on that here in the next week or two. 


The past 2 months haven’t been a walk in the park. I have had to turn down parties, trips to the city (the only city I know and love), and dinner and my favorite spots (Ruby Tuesdays and Paneras), I also haven’t seen the insides of a mall for a minute too. But for the sacrifice I have made much has been gained. I now have $1,000 saved (for emergencies), paid off a couple old bills, and actually have stopped worrying about pay day!!! Yea baby.  It is a wonderful feeling I must say and I look forward to seeing the day when I have no bills what so ever. Its going to be a long road (2 years til debt free excluding my home) but the pay off will be having the rest of my life ahead of me to actually enjoy. 


 Unfortunately during these 2 months I have learned that as long as I am alive I will have relationships to go in and out of. I recently entered into a friendship I thought might be promising but so far its looking like it’s a false alarm. Now most days when I get frustrated in dealing with men I say just “Fuck it” but since having some one to hold, kiss, cuddle with and spend time with keeps me sane (somewhat) I just cant say “Fuck it” just yet. I will say the adult in me is learning that everything has its process and I have to learn my tolerance levels before I can forge ahead. I don’t know really what my future holds as far as dating but I do hope there will one day come a light at the end of this tunnel.  

Stay tune…. 

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