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I am sure all you Grey’s Anatomy fanatics can recall one of the most memorable episodes of season 3 when Christina Yang left Derrick Burke waiting for her at the altar. I will never forget the look of shock on Derrick’s face when they opened the doors and Christina yang was gone. That was a moment to be frozen in time forever

Now we all know that Burke & Yang’s relationship wasn’t always on the up & up and for the most part in my opinion disastrous most of the time. But the relationship they had seems to be reminiscent of what most people’s relationship looks like in today’s time (complicated to say the least). It kinda got me to thinking are there real life Burke n Yang’s running around lose in the world?” Let’s explore shall we

Burke’s of Today

Remember Derrick Burke’s character? He was a highly recognized surgeon at Seattle Grace hospital, smart, attractive, successful and most importantly paid. His character portrayed him to have a high level of arrogance yet somewhat of a soft side when provoked. He was respected because he was one of the best in his field, and considered to be amongst (for sake of real world context) the crème Della crème of dateable men

The Yang in You

Christina, we can’t forget the crazy, but smart, independent, I can do any surgery you give me attitude Yang. She too had arrogance about her and rarely let people see her emotional side. Most days she came off as cold hearted and non sympathetic to the sick. She was a fighter (also one of the best in her field) and went out of her way to show everyone she could do it all if she had too. One undeniable thing about Yang though, was that she loved her some Burke. She was attracted to his swagger and confidence, but we all know despite our high hopes of marital bliss, they didn’t have a happy ending

Where is The Love

Yang and Burke didn’t make it to holy matrimony and I am here to tell you why. Neither of them could let go of the selfishness that seem to overwhelm them, like a child opening presents on Christmas day. Burke, though he loved Christina for her independence, passion, and love for surgery, he would have rather had her take on a more traditional role as a loving and supportive wife (barefoot n pregnant possibly) and him be the bread winner of the two. Christina on the other hand, didn’t want to give up her hard work and all she accomplished just to end up being known as Dr Burke’s wife. She wanted to be known as Christina Yang “The great Cardio surgeon”. Marriage to Burke would mean possible lose of her identity and the risk was just too great

Now I may be a little out of line for attempting to compare a TV show to real life. But 24 percent of working wives now earn more than their working husbands according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), if you count working women married to jobless men that number jumps to 30 percent. In other words, nearly 1 out of 3 married women make more than their spouses. This statistic is also greater in African American house holds. Point is men love to be dominating and when you take that financial power away they start to question there masculinity and hell breaks lose

Society Today

So what does this mean for the future of men and women when it comes to relationships and marriage? It means we need to learn to compromise and learn to put our ego’s aside. I believe that no matter how successful or well known we become, nothing will compare to coming home to a loved one that knows us and loves us for who we are, be it our soft side, silly side, or crazy side and it’s a lotta crazies out here lol. If we continue down the paths we are on now there will eventually be no one to come home to and well that’s cool if you want to sit at home watching the next 4 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy alone. Think about it


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