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Ok so here I am popping on my music from Imeem and I decided to listen to the new song by Usher called “Papers”. Basically a song about how the marriage he had went down the crapper and he was ready to be divorced.

While I understand and cut Hollywood and stardom a little slack, I still don’t understand why people have such a low regards for marriage that they just up n leave when it gets hard. Its starting to really tick me off how people even have the balls to get married knowing full well the point of marriage only to end it over the STUPIDEST of things. “He made me drive a pinto and I wanted a honda so its not gonna work” Or “she never cooks and can’t open a beer bottle with her teeth while wearing 6 inch heels every day so im out” I mean its ridiculous. If you had the slightest inclination that it wouldn’t work, then why do it?

People get married all the time for the wrong reasons which I understand, but once your in it why can’t you just stick it out. Sometimes I often wonder if marriage is even for me almost like well if nobody cares about marriage why should I do it? It longer has the value placed on it like it used to and its looked at as just something to do these days.

I really wish people would start taking these commitments to each other a LOT more seriously. Our children are suffering because of it and we are becoming a more and more narcissistic society living in the “its all about me and my happiness” type of a world. When will people realize that its not JUST ABOUT YOU and get over themselves.

I think it should be a lot harder to divorce someone than it is now. I think if it was harder to get out people wouldn’t take it so lightly. The song “papers” is stupid and I WISH a fool might try to divorce me over some dumb stuff. You won’t at all be singing a song called papers you will be singing “I wish she hadn’t thrown them hot grits on me while I was butt a*z naked” now you can sign your PAPERS!


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Normally I don’t bring up topics about my family and friends but this seriously needs to be addressed and I needed to blog it out so I don’t end up making the same mistake. Recently I found out my aunt and her new husband of 3 months are attempting to file for a divorce. Secondly my best cousin in the whole wide world also will be separating from her husband of 3 or 4 months give or take as well. Now either there is something in the water or food that is causing families to fall apart and I for one can’t stand for it. Before I say why tho let me tell you about the two situations.

First my Aunt

It all started back in 97. My aunt was introduced to this dude through a family member of ours and the rest was history. Now let me start by saying I was young back then but I wasn’t dumb enough to not see that they relationship was a bit misguided at times. Now fast forward 11 years later and I child They married a few months ago and now want a divorce. Why you ask??? Because of money that’s why. Nobody wants to pay for the house that was just built 1.5 years ago from the ground. Nobody wants to keep the lights on and make sure the family is fed. Now news flash yall been together 11 years and suddenly decided yall had money issues?? This is a couple that makes well over $100,000 which is good for couples in Michigan, and they have the potential to be very wealthy. But they fight constantly about who is going to pay what. Seriously grow the hell up!!! (Sorry auntie) but this is ridiculous for yall to be fighting at yall age. Its affecting the children and if you woke up and decided you wanted to act like a 2 year old and not a 40 year old then maybe you should not have had children.

Now my Cousin

My dear wonderful, loving, hard working cousin. Just found a bunch of pills out on the floor left for her one year old child to consume and end up with serious damage and possible death. What the hell you say?? Yes baby daddy/hubby of a few months is a druggie (why I dunno) But this nigga was always a damn druggie!! Cousin don’t tell me he woke up one day out the blue after 2 kids and decided he wanted to deal crack and smoke it too. I don’t by it not for one moment. You knew he had a drug problem but you still decided to be with him and now you want out. Hell I don’t blame you for wanting out but still this should have never happen to begin with.

I am saying to all women out there that allow shit like this to happen stop it!! I get sick of people sugar coating there lives only to find out years later nothing about the situation was a bed of roses. Who are you trying to impress by acting this way? In the end your only hurting yourself. I know there is a lot of pressure out there to live a Godly life and not be in sin by shacking up but if the situation is rotten, you taking vows to each other is not going to be a magic resolve for all the issues you both have faced for several years. Let me tell you what 3 things don’t make good logic for marrying a person. 1 longevity, just because you been with them for ages doesn’t mean its love, time is no band aid. 2 kids, I know we like to keep families together but they suffer from watching you tear each other down on a regular basis, children aren’t stupid. 3 bills, I for one had a mother who did not count on a man to support her and her family, she worked 2 and 3 jobs if she had to in order to keep food on the table. If my mom can do it so can you.

I thank God I have friends who occasionally slap sense into me when I am doing something stupid in a relationship and it has helped me not end up in bad situations, so to my girlfriends and family doing dumb ish this is my slap in the face to you. STOP THAT SHIT!!!

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