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So I have been out of blog site for a little while but happy to report life in and of itself is good. I have been learning new things about my self and the people around me, also getting to learn the word of God. I started going to church and I think I have found a church that I would like to join soon. Still in the process of paying off debt and continuing on my journey to debt freedom. Nothing to complain about so God is Good!!

Recently I have been getting my hands on a lot of dating books. No Steve harvey lol, but ones more geared towards Christian dating and how to go about it. Apparently there is this stigma out there about how Christians shouldn’t date and just “wait” for God to send them someone. I often wonder how is it that when we need to get a job we go out and look, send resumes make phone calls etc…. when we want to find a church home, we research, talk to people and visit those prospective churches, when we wanna to buy a house, we don’t wait for a home to pop up, we go house hunting. I believe God gives us the tools to be productive and successful in life but it is up to us to actually utilize those tools. It should be the same in dating. I don’t believe my future mate will be the fedex dude or the cable guy, so I have to get out there and DATE!!

Anywhoot, this new book im reading “How to get a date worth keeping” Has done two things so far

1. challenged me to not look at going on dates as “finding my husband” and to just meet people, get to know people and have fun. You can only be sure of what you like if you date many types of people.

2. Its challenging me to figure out why im dateless and change those things. Is it because I don’t get out much? am I shy? are there just not enough single men for me?

So I have to keep a log of new men I meet for the next couple weeks in order to shed some light on my situation. There is this guy at work I been checking for so I went ahead and asked him on a date, since there isn’t pressure to find my hubby anymore everything feels much easier, not worrying about rejections, not caring if he doesn’t fit into my “mold” etc… just having a regular ole good time with a potential friend “PF”

So I am going to try to do as much Journaling as i can so everyone can see how this is working out for me. There will be no committing to ANYONE even if i do find a guy i like, for atleast 6 months.


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February 28th 2008 would have marked my 7th week in my Financial Peace university classes. So far I must say the program is going

amazingly great. Only yesterday I sat down and actually discovered I have a negative net worth of $100,000 (ouch!). Looks bad on paper I know, and people are thinking “how can finding out your broke be great?” Trust me knowing is half the battle. Since I know what debt I have, I was able to formulate a plan to paying things off, and if all goes well I could pay off everything (including my home) in about 5 years that’s if I continued to work my current job and never made anything extra.  

Money don’t grow on trees no sir

 For all my friends that I talk to on a regular basis, you have been made aware of the set backs as far as obtaining a second job (failed drug test), but things are looking up, I may have a job interview at Meijer coming up soon and I will update on that here in the next week or two. 


The past 2 months haven’t been a walk in the park. I have had to turn down parties, trips to the city (the only city I know and love), and dinner and my favorite spots (Ruby Tuesdays and Paneras), I also haven’t seen the insides of a mall for a minute too. But for the sacrifice I have made much has been gained. I now have $1,000 saved (for emergencies), paid off a couple old bills, and actually have stopped worrying about pay day!!! Yea baby.  It is a wonderful feeling I must say and I look forward to seeing the day when I have no bills what so ever. Its going to be a long road (2 years til debt free excluding my home) but the pay off will be having the rest of my life ahead of me to actually enjoy. 


 Unfortunately during these 2 months I have learned that as long as I am alive I will have relationships to go in and out of. I recently entered into a friendship I thought might be promising but so far its looking like it’s a false alarm. Now most days when I get frustrated in dealing with men I say just “Fuck it” but since having some one to hold, kiss, cuddle with and spend time with keeps me sane (somewhat) I just cant say “Fuck it” just yet. I will say the adult in me is learning that everything has its process and I have to learn my tolerance levels before I can forge ahead. I don’t know really what my future holds as far as dating but I do hope there will one day come a light at the end of this tunnel.  

Stay tune…. 

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What an excellent title to coincide with what I’m feeling right now, which is bored as hell. I opted to put A.D.D instead of Financial Peace part 3 due to a friends blog I just recently read about having relationship A.D.D and thought this would be fitting. Keep in mind I have a newly found lease on life but I certainly don’t wanna be talking about it after I been dealing with it all week. But I gotta stay focused and keep people informed even the ones not reading lol.

The good

After week three, the idea of doing things the right way is starting to settle in. I have a 6 month budget (half way mark) and money envelops to keep me in line with what I’m am spending each week. I have a Debt snowball working to pay off bills as well.

The Bad

You constantly have to tweak your “spend it on paper first” forms and pay attention to your paycheck vs just throwing it to the dogs to eat. I can’t buy new shoes, or eat at panera’s a few times out the week like I used to because its not in the budget. Now folk I would not be keeping it real if If I only talked about how rosie things are because I have had some aha moments but a walk in the park this is not. Honestly I have been depriving myself of things simple luxuries that I seemingly used to take for granted (mostly having to do with food) But you all out there in blog world can insert your own addictions. I know some people drink starbucks every day, Imagine adding that 5 bucks up over 50 years!!! Now Im not starving myself by any means so don’t go dialing my mom or nothing, but I have cut out a lot of the fast food.

Week Lesson

Get someone to hold you accountable. This was a hard one for me but someone in my class did actually volunteer to help me. This person can be a friend, family member or co-worker (someone you trust). You can’t have your best buddy from high school being your partner if he is always broke and asking you for money or telling you to go to the bar. This person has to be one you trust to let you know when you shouldn’t be spending on a particular item.

In closing when It comes down to it yea I would rather be talking about something else, but this just may be the post that encourages someone to keep going and stay focused.


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As much as I enjoy the constant banter between myself and fellow bloggers about love and relationships, I need to segway from those issues and dedicate a few blogs to a subject that deserves an equal amount of attention “MONEY”.

One of the main reasons I started my blog roll, was to give an HONEST account for things that happen to me on a daily basis. Blogging is my attempt to put those happenings in prospective. In writing about relationships and self discovery, I found that my postings were lacking an issue that tends to plague me the most. Now I don’t know if money is an issue for other people, but it certainly is a reoccurring problem for me. However I do understand that finances tend to be a touchy subject, which is why most often it gets dumped and replaced with relationship talk. But how can we become better people if we don’t account for “EVERYTHING” we deal with including money.

In the next few post, I am going to allow bloggers to take part in my financial peace journey. You are welcome to sympathize, learn, critique, or simply read and keep it moving. What I plan to gain from this is a true understanding of what it takes/took for me to get from financial bondage to financial freedom (failure is not an option). Maybe in the process it will inspire others to partake in financial stabilization. After all it is the basis of most healthy relationships “when done correctly that is” so here we go……..

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