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So Its 2 days away from my fast officially being over, and though its been hard its been worth it. Missing cookies, candies, sugar, and not to mention my favorite cereal in the whole world. Even after 19 days I think its safe to say I can do without some things. The most important lesson I have learned in all this is support, I needed a lot of it through the fast in order to say on track.

Over the weekend I went work out equipment crazy. I brought bender ball, two 5lbs weights, a jump rope and a work out mat. The bender ball is rather interesting to say the least. Its way better than doing regular crunches and its doesn’t kill ya after the work out is over. I am going to finish out the week with working out every day, tryin to prepare myself for the big day is no jokey joke!

I also brought a blender and lots of fruits n veggies, im guessing if i make mixed drinks it will be easier to get more of the fruits down.

I hope everyone had a super fun weekend.


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Its 1 day after the fight of the century took place at mik’s apt in Lansing. Honestly I am so emotionally drained from all the madness that it doesn’t make sense right now.

The fight took place one day after I discovered I had been duped into doing something I didn’t want to do yet again. Yall know I am slow sometimes so I didn’t realize what had happen until the next day. My reaction tho was not pretty. I went off on those to girls for the first time since they had been living in the apartment and right then it felt that no one was listing to any one. We yelled, called each other names and both had a line of defense for every attack. After all of the yelling back n forth we decided we would do our best to respect each others space and that was that.

Later on I got on the phone to vent to my mom and she really lit into me sayin I should be the mature one and try to mentor to these girls because maybe they need help. She went on tryin to explain a story about a girl who used to be my friend but eventually got into a big argument with my mother about respect. After that day the girl never spoke to my mom, and she ended up going off to have babies and have some what of a hard life. My mom obviously felt like she didn’t reach out enough when my friend at the time was acting out because of stress at home.

I understood my mom but she was basically telling me to take on these girls possible problems because they are cryin out for help. If that was true, I honestly don’t think I would be up for the task and would not want that burden on me, since I have to much of my own stuff going on. I admit I have a lot of growing to do and because of this, I can’t mentor to girls that probably need more help than I can give.

The other thing I feel is that I had to stand up for myself and not let these girls continue to walk all over me and last night I did that. Everything can’t always be rosy and there will always be hard times in life. All I can do is learn from this and do my best to make sure It won’t happen again.

In gooder news I am on day 14 of my fast. I never considered myself to be a stress eater but this week has truly been a test of will. My boyfriend has been extremely supportive of my eating habits and he wants me to stay committed to finishing what I started even with all the stress. I am thankful for him because I would have thrown in the towel a couple days ago. Our relationship as of today (cuz it changes like the wind) is going good. We got a lot out in the open and the more time I spend with him and talk to him, I see that he really cares about me.

He did ask me to live with him but I explained that I wouldn’t be living with another man until I was married. He respects my decision and we went on about the business of finding him an apartment. We found a really nice one that we both like and hopefully he will be moved in next week. Its a big step for him to move to my city and its going to be interesting to see how we will pan out. I remember when I moved here for a guy and that move changed my life. My prayer for s and I is that we will both grow with each other and both end up happy together.

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Today is day 12 and I am so excited to report I made it through the weekend without going nutz! However I did have salmon for the first time yesterday and it was sooooooo good. Me and my bf had dinner at a sushi place and we both really loved the food. I think if I could eat salmon every day I would but its expensive so I won’t lol. I also discovered over the weekend that a lot of vegan foods are a lot of what Asian people eat. I was at the health food store over the weekend and picked up a few things, then Sunday I was at the oriental store and saw most of the exact same foods. Any whoot, I can’t wait to return partially to my old diet because I miss cookies!!

In other news, I am still having roommate drama. I promise I have never met such petty people in my life. But today I plan to get to the bottom of why they act so funky towards me. We are gonna have a sit down and have a come to Dr phil moment. I have been nice to them, I let them do whatever and im hardly home and yet they still find something to complain about. We have 4 more months to deal with each other and I think I could write a full book on this past year with those clowns. The lord is testing my patience with them I have finally run all out. Maybe they tryin to break my fast ummhmm yep thats gotta be it!!

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Daniel’s Fast (day 9)

So Today I am happy to report I lost 6 pounds on the fast!! Its pretty exciting and I hope to keep having mini mile stones through the process. Each day gets just a little easier and I find myself enjoying the process.

Its been a very good week and I am thankful for all the lessons I learn in life. Today I asked God to take away all the hurt In my heart. I realized that I have a BIG problem with wishing people that have hurt me well. Its not my place to judge them or wish there life to be doomed forever. I don’t want to hold on to the negativity because it keeps me from receiving my blessings. God knows my heart and sometimes I don’t always have the purest of thoughts. I will work on that.

Today I had my usual oatmeal for breakfast with raisins and tangelos. For lunch I am going to have a veggie burger on whole wheat tortillas. I am so glad its Friday because weekends are surprisingly the easy days during the fast because you have more time on your hands to prepare your own meal or go out for dinner.

For those of you still on the fence about the fast I say just give it a shot. Once you get started you will always want to stay on the path to being healthy!

Happy weekend.

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On day 4 I slipped off the wagon, by eating a bucket of popcorn with butter but today is day 6 and I am happy to report I am back on the wagon and feeling much better. I must say the morning after felt kinda like having unprotected sex with your SO and no form of birth control, you wake up feelin like shat. I was so sick when I woke up and my stomach didn’t like me to well yesterday. But I drank plenty water and ate lots of veggies n fruits. Today I feel 100% again!

In other news, me and “s” been having a bit of a hard time. The man is out of work, without a car, in the final semester of school before spring break, and without a home. I know I shouldn’t be so heartless but yesterday I went off on him kinda. He pushed me to my limit when he told me he didn’t want me asking when his car was going to be fixed. Granted I know I asked you 2 days ago but what was wrong me thinking there was a slight possibility that SOMETHING may have happened in those to days. In the past 3 months I have been very supportive and understanding, but right now I am all OUT of relationship fuel.

I really can’t imagine what a man feels like not being able to be the provider, but the point is im not a man so I will never really understand it. All I do know is that my needs weren’t being met and I had to make him aware of that. I am not exactly sure what is going to happen in the next few weeks but I do know I will be giving him some much needed space. Hopefully things will fall back into place, and hopefully by then I will be sexier than I was before!!

yup I ain’t trippin, I got it all under control. (I think)

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Its only been 4 days and I can finally start reporting things I have been noticing happening to my body.

1. More bowl movements – Thats right I shat every day now. I know your thinkin well thats what you are suppose to do anyways right? Yes but when you eat a lot of fast food, processed food, sugars ect…. that stuff keeps your body from cleansing itself properly. Before now I was only using the bathroom maybe once or twice a week. Now that I go every day naturally it makes me want to always keep healthy food in my body. It feels exactly like a detox.

2. More Energy – Ok so I still been late for work lol, but its not because I am to tired to wake up. Since I started the fast I feel tons more rested. I don’t fall asleep right after a meal anymore, and I can go through a whole day without needing any power naps or extra pick me ups. I even have enough energy to exercise late at night and early in the morning.

3. Control Over what I eat – When I first read about the plan, it said something about what to do when you feel hunger pains. They went on to explain that its just your body workin off the fat and it doesn’t always mean your hungry. When I would feel my hunger pains (they come often the first few days) I would drink water or eat some of my nut mix. After a while the hunger pains didn’t come so often because I ate more healthy stacks and drank more water. Now when I eat its not because I am starving, which would always cause me to over eat. This helps especially when you are on the go and you need something fast, I no longer look to mcdonalds to bail me out which feels really good.

4. I still eat fast food – Not fries n burgers, more like ready to go stuff. Like the fresh salads from wendy’s only have lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers in them, I add my own dressing and fruits to it. I have been buying these 3 at a time as of late, and can always have one for lunch and not worry about what im gonna eat. I always have a fast healthy snack on hand so I don’t have to worry about busing the fast because im starved. The key that I have learned is helping me is to buy only what I know I will eat for a fact. I don’t want to be wasteful nor do I wanna force myself to eat something that I really don’t want. So I didn’t buy a lot of stuff on the list of foods, I stuck to a few items that I knew would always satisfy me when I needed it quickly.

I don’t look any different as of right now but I certainly feel good. I drink lots of water, and eat fruit throughout the day.

Today I had 1 tangelo for breakfast and water. For lunch I brought a side salad from wendys. I put raisins, mixed nuts, and strawberries in it. The only dressing I have been using is the organic balsamic vinegar that Holly has recommended. It doesn’t taste all that good but with all the fruit and nuts in the salad you don’t really taste it.

This morning I also finished the first workout session on bob’s tape! that was exciting because even though its “low cardio” it took me 3 days to make it to the end without stopping (only 20 minutes).

So far I am enjoying the fast and my prayer is that I learn how to take care of my body better through out this process. Its certainly changed my habits. Prayerfully I can make it though the 21 days and beyond.

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