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Last night I had another one of the weirdest of dreams. I been having them more often since I been off my fast and eating all sorts of things not even half way on the vegan list. I was dreaming last night that I was in some other city (maybe state). I was dressed kinda crazy, shoes untied clothes not matching ect…actually thats how I usually dress but anyways. I was in a mall, a seemingly super nice mall. It had stores I hadn’t even heard of but from the looks of the place I was in some big city. So im walking down the hallway and here come my two co-workers. Theses aren’t just any co-workers though, these are the two women out of all women that I can’t stand. One is the icky nasty lady who wears shorts to work every day as if its bedtime, and she coughs a lot and puts her nasty fingers in food she shouldn’t touch so no one else will want it. The other lady always tries to get me in trouble ever since I didn’t give her a ride home like I said I would (she hadn’t forgiven me for that). Ok so here they are dressed like its work time and they see me. “What are you doing here Mikki?” “I am sick what does it look like?” Oh you are playing hookie today heh heh heh. “No im sick, does it look as though im having fun?”.”Why are YOU here”. “Well we have the day off so we are hanging out”

So the conversation ends and we part ways. Later on I see them entering what looks to be a lavish restaurant, and my one co-worker (the non icky one) has on this beautiful black dress and her hair is pint up. She looks to die for and I had never seen her so pretty nor had I ever seen her in a dress. Anyways the rest of the day I SPENT not shopping and wondering if they might tell my boss and how I was going to cover up where I was.

The dream was rather odd but I think it had something to do with my plans to go to chicago tomorrow and not tell anyone. I must say I am sort of happy that at least I know some parts of that story wouldn’t come to life because I’m not going. There has been no updates on the location of the chicago auditions for americas next top model and apparently the buzz on the street is that it already happen March 19th at some undisclosed location.

So there goes my dreams……………


Ok im a little upset and hurt but not that hurt, I will survive!!!


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