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It was 9:30pm and I was on the phone ranting about how upset I was that the location for the ANTM auditions hadn’t been posted, being that the auditions was the next day. I had given up for the most part but something in my brain told me to check one last time. I did check and wouldn’t you know the location was staring me square in the eye. I immediately panicked for about 5 minutes and calmed down enough to hear the voice of my girlfriend telling me to go. So there I was at 10pm trucking down the I94FWY to get to Chicago.

I arrived at about 12:30pm and checked into the Red Roof inn. The receptionist was very pleasant and did her best to make sure I had everything I needed. When I told her about the auditions she began sharing a story about a 18 year old guy that had previously stayed at the hotel also trying out for a show. The show was called Sundays best and is hosted by Kirk Franklin on BET. She told me about how the guy needed to use the printer and she said he would have to sing for her and 5 more people that came into the hotel. She said his voice was like an angel and soon after he began singing he started drawing a crowd. The 18 year old did actually make the show and called her to say how grateful he was for helping him out. Even though I couldn’t sing, rap or dance, the woman was so kind to me.

So fast forward to the auditions there was a LOT of girls. So I get inline outside and started chatting it up with the girl in front of me. We ended up being inseparable for the duration of the auditions. Neither of us made the cut, but I would have to say it was all worth it to have made new friends in the process. The auditions were actually rather brutal. Having stood in line for some 4 hours only to get to the end and be cut in 2 seconds and all you said was your name, weight, and age???

Another girl I met actually made it to the second round, she was also cut 2 minutes after being chosen to move on. One lesson I learned about auditioning for the show was to always be prepared. You would think that should have been a given but lil Mik was under the impression that the judges wanted everyone to be plain. It was actually the total opposite, they wanted you to stand out among a group of 100 girls in the room. I can’t say I actually did that so lesson learned.

If I had to do it again I would, the experience was great and this is just one more thing I can add to my history book. I am grateful for having the courage to even audition because some people don’t even thing they have what it takes. I learned to never say what isn’t possible and always think of ways to make things happen because if you try hard enough eventually they will.


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