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bonnie_clyde_465x402Ok let me clarify before I start writing about the topic this is not my sentiments anymore(end).

I have a pod cast that I listen to every day called the mark gungor show, before I rant about how funny they are listen yourself. Anywhoot the topic that peeked my interest was a subject about how we go about the dating process.

For the longest time in my life I always thought that if my family or friends didn’t approve of who I was dating I would say screw u I am going to do what I want anyways. I hated the idea of people “medaling” in my love affairs unless I cared to share the information with them. Everybody had an opinion about what so n so should be doing and blazy blazy. The more I listen to the nay sayers the more I would back away and do my Bonnie and clyde/us against the world stance. I would classify those who didn’t like my situation as a “hater”, they dunno what they talmbout they just jealous of ME!

Well in all my years of dating I realized now (post mark) that its probably not the best idea to date someone solely. As much as we may hate to admit it our friends (true ones) and family don’t ware the same rose colored glasses as we do while we are dating. They tend to see things in a much clearer light because THEY aren’t in it. Now take note i do understand there are those who can never speak any good into your life but if you live and operated in a healthy environment your people can usually give you sound advise. On the radio show mark mentioned out in other cultures they do more of the “arranged marriages” while i don’t totally agree with this concept I do agree with the premis that FAMILY AND FRIENDS should in fact be way more involved than we allow.

I know its scarey at first but trust if you allow your self to be exposed chances are you would save yourself from a world of heart ache. I would even attempt to say this is the MOST selfish good thing you can do for your current or future dating relationship. I haven’t had a chance to test the waters but I am certainly going to let people in on my relationship and actually allow my beau to be around my family and friends a LOT. My family and friends now me best and if anyone can assure I am making the right choice its them.

So good people do you usually involve your family and friends in your dating process or make sure they actually get to be around your s.o or do you bonnie n clyde it down the isle. Would you be willing to change your process if you knew it would keep you from making wrong choices?


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