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I finally got around to making the transition to my new finance blog Anitrasplace.net. The site is dedicated to everything you can think of about money. It was inspired partly by the comeback girl and my friend brad who has been running his financial blog for a while now.

Originally my blog (ie this one), was created to journal my everyday struggles in life. It was almost a year ago when my life took a turn for now what seems to be a beatiful journey to becoming a woman. I didn’t realized how in 7 months things had changed and my blog was starting to reflect the things that are important to me.

The new blog is less personal and more financial advise driven. Comeback girl says building wealth shouldn’t have to be so painful and she for sure can tell you how she thinks im in pain lol. So I want to share my financal accomplishments with the world as well as share the methods I am using to get there. All while keeping it light and fun. I still plan to “keep it real” I just want people to feel comfortable talking about the issue that we face everyday as a nation.

I still plan to keep this blog to talk about whatever else, but mostly its now my history book. I am extremly proud of the things I have accomplish this past year and I am looking forward to a great year in 2009 when I am completely debt free.

So check out the new site, its fun and you can learn a few things too!! Its just us girls (and a guy lol) talking about how to save money, build wealth and be better people.

Thank you for being a reader, I love all 5 of you!!!


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All Grown Up

So I am happy to announce I got the job!! You all are looking at the new Coordinator for financial peace university at Union Baptist Church, Can I get an AMEN!! PRAISE JESUS!

Thank everyone for the support, this is one of the coolest things to happen in the 7 months I have been working the debt free plan. The lady was so inspired and thrilled to have me working, and word is they even want to pay a sista!!! I am soooooo freakin happy that words can’t describe. The classes won’t actually begin until January of next year, but the next couple months will be spent doing marketing, promoting and getting people to sign up. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!

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Remember last week?  (maybe you don’t) I was talking about working on a few new developments? Well a few things are starting to take place and I am super siked! Today I spoke with the assistant to the pastor of United Missionary Baptist Church and she wants me to coordinate a class for her church!! I was so nervous talking to her but I was able to get my point across and she was sold on the idea. I am just overwhelmed with excitement because things are starting to fall into place and it feels great. So I meet with her on Monday to pitch more of the idea. She says she is going to put me on a woman’s panel at a conference in September to promote the program even more. Talk about being put out there!! I guess I need to go find my professional hat lol. So pray for me as I embark on this new endeavor it could mean a lot of doors opening for me in the future as this is something I have always wanted to do.

Stay tuned!

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Its been a rough but good last few weeks. I have been paying off debt left and right and It really feels good, but I have been working my tail off doing so. Working 2 jobs is a mutha sucka at times. Right now I am feeling A little down and overwhelmed and let me tell ya why.

My relationships over the past few weeks haven’t been the greatest. I told someone to kick rocks because I didn’t like their glasses. I have a thing for clean cut men, but one must understand clean cut is not the equivalent of dorky looking. I know I can be shallow but attraction is a big thing for me and well I don’t really need to explain do I?? Anyways I think I hurt his feelings but even still, there was still other factors that overall caused me to make a decision on the more negative side. After I broke the news about being “just friends” he informed me that he is going to start being mean to women because being nice doesn’t get you anywhere. I had lots to say on that but thats a whole other post lol. Anywhoot I really superly think its time for a break……….period.

Other things going on have to do with work, debt and a few other endeavors I wish to embark on. I am going to be taking on a new goal that involves my full time job. I haven’t exactly been the best employee when it comes to getting to work. I am the one who is always late, and always leaving early. Last week I did my time sheet and it just looked like who did it why and what for, I had been running errands, leaving in the middle of the day, and getting to work pretty much when i felt like it. My boss didn’t say anything but I knew she was like what tha?? So starting this past Monday I have made a commitment to getting to work on time and not taking days off for the next 1.5 years (long time eh). I always take a day off here and there never really building any vacation time and im always in the negative. Well when the time comes for me to be outta debt I suspect I am going to want to celebrate by going some place. This task itself is overwhelming but I am going to really stick to it as best I can.

Also I am looking in to purchasing my first investment property (all cash of course) and coordinating a financial peace class here in Lansing. More details will come on these things as I get them in the next couple weeks. On top of all this I am taking classes to make sure my real estate license stays active which is time consuming to say the least.

So I guess all in all I plan to be proactive. I am not going to really worry about my long lost boo to be, it gets draining after while and I really need my energy to stay up!! Bout to be 26 and I gotta look 26 not 36 ya hurd meh!!

Anyways for the next few weeks/months I am going to go hard core on getting things done, no distractions no drama no calls no nothing, just work work work. I am starting to realize that sometimes you have to go it alone, I have become much stronger in the last year and I think I have grown in ways I didn’t know I would or could. The year has been a really good one and I look forward to whats ahead in my social life, business life and work LIFE.

As always I will keep writing as I continue to grow and love the woman I am becoming.

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Its Friday July 25, 2008, and I just paid off a bill!!!!! A check went out to the tune of $960.62, to Henry Ford Community College. The bill was 2,071 to start and had been lingering in my life from a school I never went back to since 2001!!!!. I have been to court over this bill, had my paychecks garnished over this bill and my income tax refund taken a few times OVER THIS BILL!!! I am so glad to finally say its out of my life for good.

Now who wants to be next!!!!

Laying debt to rest for good

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Last night I was laying in bed, thinking about the day I could call the Dave Ramsey show and scream “I’m Debt Freeeeee!!”. I started to wonder what I might say to Dave when he goes through his normal questionnaire and it went something like this…..

Dave: We have Mikki from Detroit on the line “Whats up Mikki”

Me: Hi Dave how are you?

Dave: “Better Than I Deserve” “How can I help?”

Me: Well Dave I am calling to let you know I’m debt free!

Dave: Alrightttttttt!!! “How much did you pay off?”

Me: $35,000 In 18 months

Dave: Wow making what kind of money??

Me: I started out at $35k a year, I picked up a part time job and also started working my real estate business and now I am half way through the year at 55k!

Dave: Wow thats amazing, so what made you decide to get out of debt a year and a half ago?

Me: Umm well, I had just turned 25 and had just purchased a house, I was driving a 20,000 car making about 28,000 at the time. In December I got into a car accident and smashed the front end of my car, thankfully no one was hurt but, the car had no insurance on it. At the time I was driving an hour each way to work and one thing after another started to happen. I almost lost my job, and the car ended up being taken from me because I couldn’t afford the payments. I was so overwhelmed with the new house and bills that I thought about taking my life. So I was sitting at work one morning and my mom called me, she said hey they are offering FPU at a local church up here in Detroit, maybe you should check into classes in Lansing (Which is where I work). I was like ok here she goes with this Dave talk stuff again! But at that point I pretty much had nothing more to lose, I really did feel like Job in the bible and that I couldn’t lose any more than I had already. So I searched for my zip code and found a class at a church that actually started that very next day Dave.

Dave: Wow thats amazing

Me: Yea so I called the coordinator and shared my story and he said the class would be perfect for me, and since then I have never looked back.

Me: And Dave you know how you say Murphy moves in right when you start the program, well he did because about 3 months later I was forced to move out of an apartment that I was living in with a friend of mine, I had been saving for BS1 and I had to us that money to find a place. Had I not started the program I would have been a total wreck when all that happen.

Dave: Wow what an amazing story Mikki, so what would you say the hardest part of it was??

Me: I would say being made fun of but after a while It didn’t bother me anymore.

Dave: So what was the last thing you paid off.

Me: Sallie Mae

Dave: Ah good ole Sallie getting kicked out of the spare bedroom.

Me: Yup

Dave: So now that you have been through the process, what do you say the key to success is”

Me: The key is have an accountability partner and being Gazelle intense, I became friends with someone on MTMMO His name is Brad “Hi Brad” We have become really good friends and I think having someone to share that experience with you is the greatest thing, but it doesn’t work if they aren’t as Gazelle intense and Brad is the poster child for the Gazelle. Also Dave I want to thank my FPU coordinator and everybody on the Total Money Make Over forums, Those are the coolest people around!!!

Dave: Ahahaha thats awsome Mikki, so your 27 now with out a payment in the world except for the house, you are so weird now!

Me: Yep I know I feel weird!

Dave: ahaha, so what do you say to those 25-30 year olds struggling to make it?

Me: I would say they should know they are not alone and to pray as much as you can. God doesn’t put more on us than we can bear, and you have to put your trust in God 100%. The program gave me hope for my future because before I didn’t see my life being anything, but now I see a bright future and I can show others that they can do it to. Its important to have friends and family around you that love you because if it not been for my mom, and my best friend I would not be here today.

Dave: Mikki thats great advice, so you ready to count it down?


Dave: Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa That is how its done folks!!!

(insert tears)

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Since I been on the Dave Ramsey Plan I have taken on a new found approach to finances which has caused me to do a 360 on the way I view certain debt. Now I will make a quick disclaimer I USED TO HAVE the same ideologies as every one else when it came to this list i am about to create. But I have tried to EDUMACKATE myself and slash all the myths about good debt and bad debt and proceed to take heed. Feel free to correct me if the math just doesn’t add up.

1. Student loans – Well I listed this first because its easy. When you go to finance your home and you have $50,000 in student loan debt the bank says “its ok”. They over look student loans, because it is considered an investment towards your future earnings. However, they do include the potential payment amount (once you are no longer in school) when factoring how much to give you on a home loan. 1 or 2% interest on your student loan is great, but don’t let it hang around for life just pay it and be done unless of course you like Sallie Mae hanging out in your spare guest room.

2. Credit cards – Studies have shown that people spend more when they use credit. I used my debt card and I know how fast $4 dollars turns in to $10 at McDonalds simply because I can “CHARGE IT”. Paying cash creates a bit of an “ouch factor” which in turn allows to pay attention to what you spend. Credit cards are a never ending money pit. Even the 0% interest ones, sure you pay it off at the end of the month but God forbid you make a late payment, or go over your limit. You will be hit with fee’s up the WAHZOO. Also Credit card companies now have what the call a universal default provision plan. What this means is on any day they feel, they can pull your credit report and decided your at risk, suddenly your rate goes from 0% to 18% in a split second. Now how you gonna pay it off?

3. Tax deduction on the house – This was the biggest because i am not the best person to be doing calculations. I borrowed the example from a source with the intent to understand and explain this if need be.
If you have a $200,000 at 5% interest rate, you would pay about $10,000 in interest. If you made $70,000 and wrote off $10,000, you’d pay taxes on $60,000. If you made $70,000, you’d be in a 25% (and when you make $60,000) tax bracket. If you didn’t have the write-off, you’d pay $2,500 extra in taxes on that. That means you sent the bank $10,000 to keep from sending the government $2,500.

You can save on taxes by giving to a charitable organization or paying your tithes (if you have Christian religion) and still feel good, I dunno about you but I would rather give the money to my church vs the bank. I also did the same calculations on my current home just to see if I was saving money like the example suggest, turns out I send the bank 4,200 a year to keep from sending the government $1,000. I am thinking if paid off my house and never made a penny more, I would have something around 3,000 saved a year. Sounds like a good reason to pay off my house to me!!! If you are unsure about your tax bracket visit the IRS.GOV website.

I realize that people like to play with numbers n such but at this day and age can you really afford to? So change your thinking do some math and let’s learn to build wealth and become a stronger community.

Fighting debt on a daily basis!

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